About Cydney Moreau

At an early age, Cydney Moreau always had big dreams. Born on December 19, 1994 and having moved 19 times by age 17, the Louisiana native quickly learning that change is the only constant.

During high school, she developed a passion for running every day. This dedication led to earning a scholarship from the University of Louisiana to join their track team. Though she loved being an athlete, she wasn’t clear of what she wanted to do after graduation.

In 2018, with a degree in Business Management, she moved to Miami and started interviewing. Parallel to her unsuccessful search for a “traditional” office job, she received a surprising call that would forever change her path.

Adidas hired Cydney to work an upcoming runway show, becoming her first job as a model. This gave her a sense pride and she quickly turned the opportunity into a thriving career.

Three years in Cydney has grown her Instagram to 1.2 million and has become a full time professional model/ influencer. Along with that she also started her own clothing brand and fitness app. 


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